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According to the definition of World Health Organization (WHO), health technology [1] refers to the application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives.


Figure 1: The distribution of people suffered from diabetes in different regions

Source: International Diabetes Federation

Figure 2: The present situation of people suffering from diabetes.

Source: International Diabetes Federation

Nowadays, the trend of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is spreading globally, many people concerned much about their health. When I heard the word ‘healthy lifestyle’, the first thing that comes to my mind is not how do we implement a healthy living but ‘Diabetes’. Many people are trying to live healthy, but their dinning is always high in sugar, salt and oil, which caused many diseases, and the most prevalent disease in the world is diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes[2] is a chronic disease that occur either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. From the figures[3] provided by the International Diabetes Federation above showed the facts that there are still an enormous people will be suffered from this disease after 25 years. Since the consequences[4] of this disease is serious which lead to complications in many parts of the body like diabetic foot ulcers(which means patients may need amputation) and increase the risk of premature death.

Figure 3 (From WHO)

Therefore, some companies like Siren Care, Tillges Technologies have designed the Siren Smart Socks (a temperature sensing socks to help patients prevent foot ulcers) and PressureGuardian® (a pressure sensor tool provide prosthetic and orthotic) respectively. The designed products are aimed at tracking patients’ feet condition by the sensor on the product or use wireless devices to connect the apps to record the condition of the patient.

(Video of Siren Care Smart Socks –


Figure 4 (From Siren Care – Siren Smart Socks)


Figure 5 (From Tillges Technologies – PressureGuardian®)

This kind of health technology improve the health of the patients and reduce the financial burden of government on the medical expenditure. Through using the technological products, patient’s health can be improved step by step, since the products can sense the patients’ condition whenever and wherever they are. With the tracking records, patient can know what they should and should not do at that moment, just like the products mentioned above, they can detect the diabetes patients’ feet temperature or conditions, and then upload the information to an app on their smartphone to alert them to an issue. So the patients can do the right thing at the right time to avoid any bad situation, then the patients can improve their health. In addition, the production of the health technology can reduce the government’s burden on medical expenditure. With the help of the technology, public can know their body condition in a more effective way, they can understand what actions they can take when they refer to the information upload to an app on their smartphone, for example,some people do sports like running, they can follow the information on the app to record how many calories they should intake per day, it can prevent people from being obesity and it also improves their health as they intake adequate energy. When the number of patient reduce, government need not bear the heavy medical expenditure and they can also put more resources to improve the quality and service of the medical sector.There are health technology produced to fulfill the need on the society, however, the price of those products may not be affordable by part of the citizen who have suffered any diseases. The health technologies are advanced, they are helpful to the patients who suffered some prevalent diseases, but part of the people like low income family may be hard to afford the price. Then whatever products produced in the society, they will be useless to them.

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Work and Business

In a fast-paced city, technologies are playing an important role in our daily life and business world. With the assist of the technologies, everything in the business world would become less complicated and less time-consuming. Technologies help us to handle non-manually jobs, it also shares the burden bore by the working class that have a long working hours. And the issue that concerns me a lot is about the long working hours.

Some technologies help us to reduce the workload in the business world.

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For example, Pup Scan[5], the features fulfill the requirement of many companies – efficient. Since you can share, store, print, copy and send the documents as well as capture pictures from a book by pressing a button through a handheld scanner, workload can be reduced and the ‘progress of the work can be shortened.

(Video:  Pup : the connected pocket scanner)

Some features of Pup Scan are as follow:

  • Light (just 7 ounces)
  • Long battery life (approximately 12 hours)
  • Large capacity (can scan close to 1000 pages)
  • Completely wireless
  • Has a high level of security (to keep your scans safe and secure)
  • Able to adjust from small to larger documents to scan

The device like Pup Scan is useful for businessmen, which provides a great flexibility to them to send documents without limiting the venue and time. This kind of technologies help improve the efficiency of work. In case you forget to bring the documents when you work outside, your colleague can scan the document you need within few minutes, it really gives a helping hand if it is an urgent case. However, leakage of privacy is existed. Since rivals may use the scanner to scan your confidential information when you are not noticing. I think it is a trap of using this technology.

Technology brings positive impacts to human but at the same time it also has the grey areas. When we decide, what technology is suitable for us, we must consider both pros and cons so as to protect our assets.

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